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Review in San Francisco Classical Voice

Have you ever been startled by a performance into the love of a piece? Last Friday a concert practically startled me into loving a whole genre. The San Francisco Conservatory Guitar Ensemble and David Tanenbaum spent a heady two hours at Old First Church performing music for (with a few exceptions) multiple guitars, and it was mesmerizing stuff. Who knew? (Well, the couple hundred people in the audience, evidently; it was about as good a crowd as I’ve ever seen at an Old First concert.)

..the Conservatory has obviously got a hell of a guitar program. The caliber of the individual contributions was high; the caliber of the ensemble playing was something more than that..The evening was an education in never underestimating guitarists..There was some ensemble playing Friday that seriously belongs in a class with the top young string quartets.
Michelle Dulak ,, March 2, 2004