The website of classical guitarist David Tanenbaum

Review in Nylon Review

…David Tanenbaum [is] a most mercurial guitarist, capable of great stylistic control of color, mood and voice. In a De Visee suite, Tanenbaum managed to coax a wonderfully dry and delicate baroque sound from a modern instrument. This set was also admirable in that it in no way presented these as “potted pieces,” but gave a fair sense of graceful strumming that a royal court could (and no doubt did) gavotte to.

A far different court is evoked by Hans Werner Henze’s Royal Winter Music.. In David Tanenbaum’s hands, the two excerpts presented were far more approachable than is commonly the case. True, his spoken set-up of each was fine..he is a surprisingly good reader and beautifully recited , from memory, the opening monologue of Richard III (•••Now is the winter of our discontent…). After such a preamble, the emotive intent of the music followed clearly and logically. As per Henze’s instructions, he gave his Daniel Friederich guitar quite a shellacking, but Friederich being French, after all, who can say Richard III wouldn’t have done as much and more?’Mark Greenberg, NyLON Review, Winter 2005 (review of March 25, 2005 concert)